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Commercial and Residential Applications

Slate-ish is suitable for any application where you would use tile, natural stone, or even wallpaper.  Residential applications including feature walls, fireplace surrounds, backsplashes, and Commercial applications like reception areas, conference rooms, ceilings, and restrooms.  This tile is many times stronger than natural stone, and a fraction of the weight, making it suitable for applications that you wouldn't normally use stone.

Testing Data

Our raw material comes from varying sources and manufacturers, but all raw materials have Greenguard Certification.  


The thickness of our tiles will vary from 1/16" - 1/4", which lends to the wonderful 3-dimensional finish. The larger the tile, the less difference in thickness - so our larger tiles will appear to have less variation. 
Our standard size is 1.5" x Random Length (from 3" - 13").  XL Tiles measure 3” by up to 24” in length.
Custom shapes and sizes are available!  Contact us for a quote. 

Weight: Average of 1 - 1.2 lb/sf.


The color of our tile will vary slightly from piece to piece, and from batch to batch. We do suggest mixing tiles during installation for a more uniform look.  

Though surface treatment is not required for our tiles, this does darken the color significantly.  It may also increase the uniformity in color from tile to tile. 

Most of our colors will darken slightly over time from UV exposure.    See our color chart here.

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Slate-ish Specification

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