A few testimonials from our clients:


"Well, we completed our fireplace.  It exceeded our expectations.  The texture it adds to our room is awesome.  We have received so many compliments and inquiries about your product.  No other other product we looked at compares to the cost, looks and ease of installation.  Highly recommended."

-Mike in Indiana

Note: Mike used a tile edging piece on the sides to give a sleek, finished look

"Product is great, wife is happy!" - Billy in Texas



"The Best part was that I didn't even cut 1 single piece.  I just overlapped them on every line, sometimes in the middle, sometimes on the end and chose some of the thiner ones so that it was not obvious and it worked out perfectly.  I saved a lot of time and made zero mess not having to cut any one of them. 

Love your product, better than stone and proud to show it.  Thank you again.  Btw, love the color. Simply put is the perfect gray color I was looking for and cheaper! "  - Leonardo in New York


"attaching a couple pics :) it's gorgeous. and the statement of the condo." - Alexis in Oregon

Thank you for such a great product. It was easy to install and everyone loves the look.

-Gordon Optical