Our adventure in Manufacturing started with the building of a Straw-Bale house in Lincoln Nebraska.  Because of the lack of available green building materials in 1999, we formulated a plan to start a business that could bring these materials to the Midwest, and Straw Sticks & Bricks was founded in 2001.  Through our years of working with some great green materials, we began to look at the bigger picture, or as it were, the smaller picture: local manufacturing.  We saw several US based manufacturers of various materials come and go, and knew that most green building materials were coming from overseas.

Slate-ish was initially discovered by accident - the way all good ideas come about, it seems. Our work installing Richlite countertops left us with a LOT of scrap material, and a chance encounter with a dropped piece gave us an idea of how to use this scrap.  Once we cut and hand-chiseled this material, we knew we had a winner.  However, Slate-ish took a back seat to other manufacturing ideas until 2013, when we re-launched Slate-ish with new shapes and a refined palette.  




Basically - we like to make things.  And our imaginations have been working overtime. 

About our Scrap:

The scrap we collect is often waste from fabrication of countertops, partitions, lockers, etc.  

Though these pieces of material are useless, and often sent to the landfill for lack of a better option - we can take even small scrap, cut it into our various tile shapes, and then hand split it for a durable, recycled wall tile!

Our tiles can easily be installed over existing painted drywall, paneling, and other surfaces.  New construction has no need for reinforcement or special bracing required for heavy natural stone.