Slate-ish is paper!

Slate is formed over millions of years from silt and mud deep within the earth.  Pressure and heat change these raw materials into a layered stone.
This was the inspiration for Slate-ish. 

Natural processes are mimicked to create a man-made material that exhibits some of the same characteristics of natural stone.  Like slate, heat and pressure transform layers of paper and resin into the strong, durable, renewable material used to make Slate-ish.  When these layers are split, the textured beauty is revealed. No faux embossed surfaces here, only a natural, random, true split face. No two pieces are exactly alike.  

Our material resembles slate, but it's engineered to be better, while keeping the timeless design language and natural elegance of stone in a renewable composite material.   The beauty of this material is more than skin deep.  Like slate, it can naturally weather and wear, and is solid all the way through.  

Slate-ish is lightweight (<1 lb/sq ft). It is also strong, water proof, fire resistant, durable, and easy to cut & install. Our tile is suitable for applications where natural slate would be impractical or impossible.

Slate-ish can be used for walls, fireplace surrounds, reception areas, and even ceilings and floors.  Anywhere you might use natural stone, and few places you wouldn't.


  • Sourced from reclaimed, recycled and FSC sources
  • Made from paper - a renewable resource
  • Non-porous / Waterproof
  • Light weight (less than 1 pound per square foot)
    • No added structural support required for installation
    • Ships easily
  • At least 6x stronger than natural stone
    • No breakage
  • Impact resistant, not brittle
  • No special backing required
    • Apply over flat surfaces like sheetrock, wall paneling, etc.
  • Simple Installation - only simple carpentry tools needed
  • Made in the US
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