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Natural Slate is a metamorphic stone made from many layers of shale under heat and pressure.  
Much in the same way, our raw materials are made from layers of paper, with a resin binder, and pressed under heat to create a strong, durable laminate.  
Our raw material originally comes in sheet form, and in used for all types of building finishes, from bathroom partitions to countertops, and casework to furniture.  After these sheets are cut for use, the scrap - normally too small or odd sized to be used for anything else- is normally thrown away.  We take this scrap material, cut and split it to resemble natural slate.   Our benefits:

  • Not mined from the earth 
  • Made in the USA
  • Made with reclaimed scrap material
  • Light weight - averages 1 lb/sf, as opposed to 6-10 lbs/sf for natural stone
  • Easy to install on walls, floors, or ceilings
  • Non-porous - no sealer required
  • Not brittle like natural stone - roughly 6x stronger
  • Cuts with standard woodworking tools
  • Bragging rights - "Look!  It's paper!"