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1.5" x Random Length Tiles
Mesh Mounted or Peel & Stick - 3" x 35" Panels
Sold only in 100 SF Increments
Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery
Mesh Mounted version includes adhesive

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Special Order Soot
This product is difficult to source in scrap format, and will often be virgin material.  This raw material is made from a paper-resin laminate that uses FSC Certified paper.  

Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery, depending on style and quantity ordered.  
Available in 100 SF increments only.  Ships in multiple boxes.

Mesh Mounted:  Tiles are glued to a mesh backing, and each 20 SF case includes 2 tubes of 100% Clear Silicone Caulking for installation.  

Peel & Stick:  Tiles are glued to a felt layer with a self-adhesive backing.  No additional adhesive needed.  Excellent acoustic properties!  Not intended for fireplaces or wet areas.