Peel & Stick Panels

Our Standard Size Pieces are mounted to a Peel & Stick backing for fast, mess-free installation.
Panels consist of 2 rows of 1.5” pieces, and are up to 35” long.
The double-sided adhesive tape is centered between the two rows, with room on either edge to place the panel before completely adhering to the surface.
Peel & Stick Panels start at $7/SF. 20SF Cases available.

-NEW! XL Tiles are available with our Peel & Stick backing.
XL Tiles measure 3” x random length up to 24”. Available in 20SF Cases from $10/SF.

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 Loose Pieces

Our Standard Size Loose Pieces are 1.5” x Random Lengths up to 13”.
NEW! Our XL Tile are 3” x Random Lengths up to 24”, and can be used alone or with our 1.5” Standard Size Tile.
Install piece by piece for the ultimate in flexibility for any installation.
This is our least expensive option.
We recommend Loose Pieces for installations around gas insert fireplaces.
Adhesive is not included.
Loose Tile starts at $5/SF. 10 or 20SF Cases available.
XL Loose tile start at $8/SF and come in 20SF Cases.

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Corner Pieces

Our Corner Pieces come pre-cut and ready to finish off your corners!
These pieces are miter cut and paired for fast and easy installation.

Available in both Standard 1.5” and 3” XL, and as Loose Pieces or with a Peel & Stick backing. Each pair of mitered pieces will have different “leg” lengths, so they can be installed to either side of the corner and not line up improperly with the pieces below!

Each Case is 10 linear feet of coverage, and is approximately 8SF.
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Order Samples here - it’s the best way to double check your color!
Computer screens can vary - and colors are hard to describe. Pick one or all of the samples to see what you like best.
Each Sample is 3 rows to showcase the possible variation in color, thickness, and texture.

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Standard Tile size vs. XL Tile size

Xl and standard size illustration .jpg