Slate-ish Wall Tile

Slate-ish tile is made from scrap paper-laminate waste.
The layers of paper and resin split to resemble natural slate. The result is a lightweight, durable tile, that can be applied over existing drywall
or used in new construction, for both residential and commercial projects. Unlike natural stone, Slate-ish doesn’t require tile backer or reinforcement, and cuts with standard woodworking tools.

Easy to install, dramatic results.

PS backing 1.jpg

Peel & Stick Panels

Perfect for quick installation, with no adhesive mess! Goes up fast, especially on larger field areas like feature walls. Simply cut, peel, and stick.

MM panels.jpg

Mesh-Backed Panels

Our mesh-backed panels allow for faster installation, and are great for commercial applications using a clear silicone adhesive.

bulk loose tile.jpg

Bulk Loose Tiles

Individual pieces allow for a super-custom installation, and can also be ordered alongside our mounted panels to fill in small or tricky areas.