Slate-ish is available as a mounted panel, which gives you a mess-free, super fast installation.
Standard Size tile come in 2 rows of 1.5” tile, up to a 35” length.
XL tiles come as individual tiles with a single strip of peel and stick adhesive down the center.

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Peel & Stick Panels

  • 20 sf Case

  • Panel Size: 3” x 35”

  • Two rows of 1.5” tile

  • Super Fast Installation

  • No adhesive mess

Benefits of Mounted Panels:

  • Faster Installation

  • Uniform color and thickness distribution

  • Best value for installations over 80SF

  • Can be combined with Loose Tiles for easiest install

  • Available in all colors!

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Panels have a thin foam double stick adhesive tape down the center of the two rows of tile. You can peel the backer paper off the entire panel to install, or peel a few inches of the backer paper off, place your panel, and hold the panel firmly in place while pulling the backer paper from behind the panel. These panels cut with standard woodworking tools, just like our Loose Tile.
Start installation at the bottom of your wall, and stagger the panels on the way up to position the seams and thick pieces where you like them. Look at where each tile will rest above the ones below. We recommend that you “dry fit” each panel before you peel off the backing and put in place - the adhesive is fast and permanent!

Back and Front of Peel & Stick Panels

Back and Front of Peel & Stick Panels

Edge view of a Panel

Edge view of a Panel

Peel & Stick backing is easy to remove

Peel & Stick backing is easy to remove