All of our products come in Loose Tiles as the default style. Slate-ish is also available as a mounted panel, which can result in much faster installation for some applications.

Earth, Chalk and Asphalt ship within 2 business days. All other colors may have a 1-2 week lead time.

Earth Strip v1.jpg

Mesh Mounted Panels

  • 20 sf Case

  • Panels Size: 3” x 35”

  • Two rows of 1.5” tile

  • Best for large Areas

  • Use 100% Clear Silicone Adhesive

  • Ideal for Commercial applications

Peel & Stick Panels

  • 20 sf Case

  • Panel Size: 3” x 35”

  • Two rows of 1.5” tile

  • Super Fast Installation

  • No adhesive mess

Benefits of Mounted Panels:

  • Faster Installation

  • Uniform color and thickness distribution

  • Best value for installations over 80SF