Install Kit

Install Kit


Each Install kit includes:

One Cutting Backer Board - 1/4” Thick Plywood
One Tile Holder Tool for safer cutting
One Marking Pencil (Wood-based watercolor pencil)

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-The Cutting Backer Board comes with adhesive tape already applied - simply peel off, stick to your miter saw, and cut!  This board helps support your panels or tiles for cutting by eliminating any gaps around your blade.  
-The Tile Holder Tool keeps your fingers away from the blade while making sure the tile is held tight while cutting.  This will eliminate chatter and prevent your thinner tiles from chipping.
-Our Marking Pencils make a visible mark on the tile for better cutting!  Pencil marks remove with water (or lick your finger and wipe away - we won't tell).  This is a wood-based watercolor pencil.  Available separately is our Fancy Mechanical Pencil with white lead!