How Do I Choose?

Not sure which version of Slate-ish is right for you? 
Here's an explanation of the various ways in which we offer our wall tile! 
Every situation is different, but this should point  you in the right direction. 
If you have questions, please Contact Us!

Mesh Mounted

Fast Install for Large Areas!
1.5" x Random Length tiles are mounted to a mesh backing for easier and faster installation.  Clear 100% Silicone Adhesive is included with each 20 SF Case.  Use this version for feature walls, TV walls, larger fireplace areas.  Because there are only 2 rows of tile per panel, the repeating seams are not as obvious.  

Peel & Stick

Least Messy Installation!
This version is similar to our Mesh Mounted, but instead of a mesh backing, it has a felt-based peel and stick backing.  Simply peel off the liner, and stick to the wall!  Great for it's acoustic properties and ease of install.  Not suitable for fireplace or wet areas. Same dimensions and case size as our Mesh Mounted tile.

Loose Tile

Best Value!
Our Loose tile comes in a 1.5" x Random Length, but are sold in a 25 pound case, instead of by the square foot.   25 pounds will yield anywhere from 15 - 25 square feet, with a 20 square foot average.  These tiles are less expensive per square foot, and do not include adhesive.  Perfect for installations where you need ultimate installation flexibility!   You can also order some portion of Loose Tiles when you order our pre-mounted Panels - this helps give you the ability to fill in areas as needed!