Slate-ish Colors

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 Slate-ish is made from reclaimed paper-laminate scrap. We have devised a method to split the material so it can be used for wall covering, but certainly the original manufacturers never intended it for this purpose! The core of the paper-laminate is usually “black”, so that it appears dark on the edge. When split open though, the core is often not quite black and the hue and tone varies widely between manufacturers.
The most plentiful raw material we receive is our Earth color.

Earth is a mid-tone gray with just a hint of green. It’s very neutral, and goes well with a variety of colors and other neutrals.
Earth is also the base for our color blends, including Asphalt, Flint, Chalk, Limestone and Rustic. These colors are applied to the Earth surface, and then abraded to give it a more natural stone appearance. The surface treatments are matte colors, with the exception of Flint, which has a metallic silver sheen that looks both light gray and shimmery in different lighting.
The color treatments are water-based.
Earth, Asphalt and Flint are our “Standard” Colors - and normally have a 1-2 day lead time.
Soot, Pitch, Chalk, Limestone, and Rustic are “Special Order” Colors - and can have a 1-2 week lead time.

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Flint is our newest color - and is the first of our color treatments to involve a metallic sheen! Samples in person are best for seeing the actual color and sheen, but this video might help!

The “original” Slate-ish was made from Richlite - a paper-based composite made in the Northwest USA. We used our own scrap from countertop production when we stumbled upon the process to make Slate-ish, over 10 years ago. Our own supply has long since run dry, and scrap is difficult to source. If scrap is unavailable, we purchase virgin Richlite - which is made with FSC paper!
Soot is the raw Richlite color, and Pitch is created by using the same water-based color treatment that we use on all of our other colors.

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In the event we have to order more raw material, the lead time can be extended to 4-6 weeks.

Custom Color / Custom Blends

Looking for a certain color?
We can help! If you are interested in a custom color project, go to the SPECIAL ORDER page to contact us.
Minimum orders may apply, and there may be a charge for custom color formulation approval.
We’re happy to help!