Slate-ish Care & Maintenance Guide

Regular Maintenance:

            -Dust wall tiles with a clean cloth, a dry paintbrush, or a vacuum with a brush attachment.            

            -Spot clean with a clean, water-dampened cloth.  A jersey knit fabric (T-shirt material) works best, or a fabric with a tighter weave of the fibers that will not snag on the Slate-ish surface.

            -Avoid use of abrasive cleaners, and cleaners that include ammonia, acids, or bleach. Some surface marking (like permanent markers) can be removed with acetone.

            -Marking left by oily or greasy materials may be permanent, as in natural stone, though acetone will remove most marks.  Optionally, your tile can be treated to disguise these dark marks by using natural stone sealers, non-glossy polyurethane, furniture oil, or Bioshield Herbal Oil #2.  Refer to our Installation Instructions for information on treating your Slate-ish tile.  Sealing or treating your tiles will darken the color significantly, so this treatment would have to be applied to all Slate-ish surfaces.